Summer Gifts for Music Lovers

Music-themed gifts aren’t hard to find if you look in the right place, and time it well. During the summer there are a lot of activities that can and do involve music outside. Yet there are also the quiet, gentle evenings when indoor music is just what that special someone needs to help them wind down from a long day. Consider some of the gifts below for your loved one this summer.

Guitar or other portable instrument: If your loved one is musically inclined, why not offer something that can be used around the campfire? There is nothing so pleasant as a gentle breeze accompanied by a starlit night, flickers of flames, and background music to relax to.

Music box: A music box is one of the music-themed gifts that can be used after the excitement of the day is over. This is a great gift for winter or summer, but may be a pleasant summer surprise. Some summer days are so busy and active that a gentle tune is necessary to calm the spirit at the end of the day.

Concert tickets: Summer is a great time to go to an outdoor concert. There are plenty of bands to choose from in almost every city around the country. Even local bands can make an evening more fun. If you have to take a trip to see a concert, be sure to plan a night of camping, or a stay at a hotel to round the day off.

Summer feels like freedom. Nothing quite makes that feeling hit home like some great music in the background.

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Help Her Celebrate Professionalism

The professional world is more open to women today than it ever has been before. However, advancement can still be a struggle, at times, and the glass ceiling is still in place. Some days it can be enough to make a woman want to hate being a woman. The struggle seems to be an all-uphill one. You can help with some unique gifts for women that remind her of the joy of being a woman. She may not see it in her office, but you can help her embrace her womanhood and professionalism outside the office.

Jewelry boxes or music boxes: These boxes are unique gifts for women in the way that they hold delicate items or play delicate tunes. You can have them personalized so that a specific date or encouraging phrase is a constant reminder of their success. You might even combine the gift of a jewelry box with a piece of jewelry she can wear to help her daily. 

Offer professional femininity:  Instead of trying to hide the fact that she is a woman, a woman should embrace her gender. It isn’t going to change, so she may as well make the most of it and take some pride in it. Offer her feminine professional items to keep in her office or use on the go. Office supplies, handbags, briefcases, and office dĂ©cor are all items that she can use in the office to embrace who she is.

While the glass ceiling is still in place, being a woman is something to be proud of. Help her realize that pride, with a few items that she can enjoy on a professional level.

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Gifts for Beauty School Grads

There are so many young adults graduating from different schools that it can be hard to find the perfect gift for everyone. Beauty school grads often get overlooked because people don’t realize all of the details of what those students have to go through. You can use something as simple as a jewelry box to show your beauty school grad that you recognize his or her hard work. A few gifts to suit the profession will also be appreciated.

Professional Gifts: When most of us shop for scissors, it takes a matter of minutes and a couple of dollars. For the beauty school grad, scissors can cost hundreds of dollars. Since every job is best done when the proper tool is available, gifts like scissors, an apron, spray bottle, combs, and other beauty supplies are going to be appreciated.

Beautiful Gifts: People appreciate getting what they need to get the job done right. At the same time, everyone likes a gift that is just for pleasure. A beauty school grad is in a profession to enhance beauty. Why not offer him or her a special gift that demonstrates your understanding of their appreciation for beauty? Consider a high-end jewelry box, jewelry to put in the box, or even a rare plant with a beautiful bloom.

Every grad deserves some attention and cheering-on after graduation. Your favorite beauty school grad is no different. Show that you notice all his or her hard work with a gift that can help move their professional goals forward and remind them of how proud you are.

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Give the Gift of Music!

When you think of music-themed gifts, you may be able to make a list of items including mp3 players, ear buds, amplifiers, and speakers. But if you step away from the technology of music and look for a more personal gift, you may find that you come up with much more memorable items. Sheet music? Music-themed posters? Musical-note jewelry? Yes, yes, and yes. Music is such a broad area, and everyone relates to music differently, which makes purchasing a music-themed gift rather simple if you know the recipient well. Some people are musicians; others simply enjoy music; but knowing just a few facts about the type of music or the way the person listens to music can help you choose the perfect gift.

For a mother who loves classical music, why not get her a box to store trinkets in that plays her favorite tune? For the teenager who is just discovering the joys of classic rock, a record player and some of those classics on vinyl make a great gift. An iTunes playlist made specifically with the gift recipient in mind is the modern “mix tape.” Everything from wind chimes to high tech mixing boards can be considered to be music-themed gifts. Let your imagination and your knowledge of the gift recipient help you choose the gift of music for every occasion. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and lovers will appreciate you thinking of them and their personal taste in music when you are coming up with gift ideas.

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Treat Your Little Dancer to a Recital Gift

Parents of budding ballerinas know that recital time is an important part of their child’s dance career. Most dance schools have a recital at the end of the school year, where the students are able to perform pieces that they have worked on individually and as a full troupe. Whether it is your child’s first recital, or you’ve been a dance parent for many years, you know that commemorating the event is important. What better recital gift can you think of for a dancer than a bouquet of roses and a ballerina music box? Of course, a new pair of toe shoes would be nice, but, when it comes to recital gifts, shoot for something a little more glamorous and personal to your dancer!

Your little dancer will love having a custom or engraved box complete with a lovely tune and a twirling ballerina to call their own. Ballerina music boxes have been around for a very long time and continue to be popular gifts. If your dance student is getting ready for recital time, and you are searching for a unique and special gift, a ballerina music box is a wonderful idea.

You will get the pleasure of giving your child a recital gift that will be treasured for many years to come, while also showing that you know how hard the child works toward their dance career. Recitals can be stressful times for dancers, as they deal with choreography, stage fright, and simply the challenge of doing their very best in front of an audience. Show your appreciation with a wonderful recital gift.

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Commemorative Gifts to Cherish

Do you feel stressed when it is time to purchase a gift for an important occasion? Many people have no problem picking up birthday or holiday gifts, but commemorative gifts for graduation, anniversaries, first communion, or retirement are a little more difficult. Jewelry, jewelry boxes, and other engraved or customizable items tend to be the choice for this sort of gift occasion.  For important occasions you want to give a gift that shows how much the recipient means to you personally, as well as what the occasion means. For many shoppers this means looking for a gift that will not be outgrown or shoved into a closet and forgotten. Sure, that cashmere sweater is nice, but how often will it be worn and how will it hold up over the years?

Why not shop for commemorative gifts that will not only be appreciated at the time, but also become a cherished item that can be passed down through generations? Does that sound like an awfully tall order for a single gift? It’s easier than you may think. Gifts such as jewelry boxes can be engraved and personalized to make any occasion one to remember. These are items that will be displayed and used on a daily basis. Personalized and custom gifts are available for all price ranges and will be a gift that will be cherished and passed down to future generations.

When it is time to commemorate a milestone or an achievement, you don’t have to stress about shopping for the ideal gift. Simply choose an item that will be useful, practical, and beautiful.

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Say Farewell with a Music Box Keepsake

When a loved one moves away, it can be difficult to adjust to the idea of not having that special person in your life. Whether your friend or family member is moving away for a new job or a change of scenery, you’ll want to find a going away gift that signifies how much the relationship means to you. A wind up music box can be the perfect gift for your loved one.

A musical gift of a globe, jewelry box, or decorative figurine can be a constant reminder of the person who took the time to select and give the gift. There are so many ways options someone could choose with this type of gift. If the two people shared a hobby or interest, a music box depicting that interest could make a great going-away present.

Many music boxes come with the option to customize the gift with a personal song. Whether it is a tune of a shared memory, or just a favorite song, this personal touch offers a sweet way to send off a friend who is moving out of town. When choosing a special song, think about a moment that you and your loved one shared together, and try to remember if there was a song attached to that moment. Choosing a song in this manner can bring back a flood of memories.

A wind up music box is a versatile gift that works for many different occasions. For friends who are moving apart after a lifetime of memories, these mementos can be sweet, special reminders that your friendship will last, regardless of the miles that separate you.

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Commemorate an Engagement with a Music Box Gift

One of the moments of life that a woman will always remember and forever treasure is the moment when she was proposed to by her future husband. With her acceptance, the couple becomes engaged, and the family and friends wait for the moment when they will be joined in matrimony. The engagement itself, however, should not go unrecognized. Many couples have formal engagement portraits taken and send out a formal announcement of the event. An engagement is a wonderful time to give the new couple a gift of a music box.

Why is a musical box a great gift idea for an engagement? Nothing says romance like news of the engagement. It tells the world that two people have found love and have made a commitment to one another. It is a reason for joy and celebration. The keepsakes that play music today are much more sophisticated than those of years ago.

If the proposal took place in a famous setting, the box might depict that setting and be a reminder of that romantic moment. Another way the box might make a perfect keepsake is if it is customized to play a couple’s special song. There are many romantic boxes that depict scenes of love and romance.

A music box as a gift for an engagement is appropriate from either member of the couple, their parents, or anyone who appreciates the love the couple has for one another. Many retailers also permit personalization of the boxes. Names and dates of the proposal can be engraved on the box as a constant reminder of the time their lives together truly began.

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Music Boxes as Baby Shower Gifts

There is no time more special in a woman’s life then when she is expecting a baby. It is a time filled with joy and great expectations for what the future will bring. One of the things she looks forward to is the tradition of the baby shower. The baby shower is a time-honored tradition where, historically, female friends and family gather to shower the expectant mother with presents she will need for the baby. Today, men are being included on the guest lists more frequently. With so many people attending the baby shower, it can be difficult to find unique gifts for women that will be meaningful at this special time.

A music box has the potential to be that type of gift. Unlike adorable baby outfits, boxes of disposable diapers, or cute little bibs with humorous sayings, a music box will last well beyond the diaper years, giving the mother-to-be a precious memento to treasure for a lifetime.

The music box is also an ideal gift to help sooth and comfort the little bundle of joy. Babies love music, and these gifts can help moms sooth their babies back to sleep in the middle of the night with a few sweet notes.

When you look for unique gifts for women who are expecting, consider gifts that benefit both the baby and the mom. Music boxes are heirloom-quality gifts that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Unlike a pail of diapers or a few nightgowns, your gift will last for years; maybe even generations.

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Protect Your Jewelry with a Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes aren’t just a great decorative piece for your bedroom; they also serve to protect your most valuable pieces. All too often, jewelry sits in the bottom of a drawer where it can become tangled and damaged. By storing your pieces in a jewelry container that is designed to hold each piece, you can protect your favorite pieces and save on the cost of repairing or replacing them.

Jewelry storage boxes have compartments to keep necklaces away from other pieces, so the chains don’t get kinked or tangled. With protective slots and straps, each piece is safe and secure within the container. Ring organizers prevent stones and bands from becoming scratched, and smaller compartments can hold lockets and charms until they are ready to be added to a necklace or bracelet.

Storing your jewelry away properly also prevents it from becoming aged by sunlight, or tarnished by exposure to the elements. When you store your jewelry in a proper container, you won’t need to polish and clean your pieces as frequently.

Of course, there is much to be said for the designs of these boxes. While they hold all your beautiful pieces inside, they also help to add beauty to your home. You can choose from modern or antique-inspired designs in a range of colors and shapes, so you can find the one that truly fits your personality.

Before you toss your favorite jewelry in a drawer, consider investing in an elegant jewelry box that protects your precious gems, while adding a wonderful decorative element to your home.

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